An elderly California woman was charged with battery over a physical altercation she had with a 12-year-old riding his bike on the sidewalk in their gated community in Santa Ana.

Jeffrey Vandervort, 12, was riding his bike when his neighbor, Susan Garcia, grabbed his bike and angrily told him to get off the sidewalk.

Vandervort was wearing a GoPro video camera and captured the entire exchange.

Garcia can be seen rushing towards him and grabbing his bike. Vandervort said that she pushed him into a tree while trying to get him off of the sidewalk.

“She walked over to me and just started yelling and pushed me into this little tree and then hit me in the back,” Vandervort told KTLA-TV, who also obtained the video.

Garcia continued to berate the boy after he called his mother, Whitney Gregory, out of their home to engage with the woman. She also claimed that the boy intentionally tried to run her over with the bicycle, which appeared to be an exaggeration.

Gregory told KTLA that she had told her boy to ride on the sidewalk because he had almost been hit by a car when he rode it in the street. She said that Garcia was out of line when she put her hands on someone else’s child.

“People in the neighborhood should come directly to the parent, they should never confront a child, harass a child,” said Gregory. “It’s so outrageous.”

Gregory said she called the police to press charges against Garcia.

The woman was charged with battery according to the Santa Ana Police.

“I hold my kids accountable when they do wrong,” Gregory concluded. “I think she needs to be held accountable for what she did.”

Here’s the video of the altercation:

Santa Ana woman charged with battery after altercation with 12-year-old riding his bike

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