CNN host Brian Stelter argued on “Reliable Sources” that “the talking point on the right “going into midterm elections “is about protecting kids from the dangers of the Walt Disney Company” and that horrible Fox News hosts are picking on Mickey Mouse in an attempt to “demonize Disney.”

“We’re seeing a theme of the midterm elections emerging,” Stelter began. “The theme, the talking point on the right, is about protecting kids from the dangers of [pause for dramatic effect] the Walt Disney Company. Really.”

He went on to explain how Disney is being targeted by angry conservatives because the company has come to represent the “growing acceptance of gay and transgender people.”

Stelter backed his brilliant argument with articles written by other so-called “journalists” at CNN who parrot the fake leftist argument that Republican lawmakers are all about passing bills to attack the LGBTQ community.

“Some of those bills are framed as ‘parental rights’ bills,” Stelter complained. “They’re really actually anti-gay bills.”

Really actually?

Presumably, Stelter thinks he’s really actually talking about the ongoing clash between Walt Disney Co. and Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) over Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill, which has falsely been labeled the “Don’t Say Gay bill” to dupe dopes like CNN’s most unreliable source who don’t bother to read the laws they publicly oppose.

Several people on Twitter were quick to point out who really actually initiated the Disney-DeSantis battle:

Others pointed out a certain irony in the CNN host’s defense of Disney:

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