Last night, manly man David Hogg shared his perspective on the notion that guns can be a symbol of masculinity:

We weren’t really asking, if we’re being honest. This sort of faux-profound drivel from David Hogg is exactly the sort of faux-profound drivel we expect from David Hogg.

And he’s got more for us today:

Catchy, isn’t it?

Indeed it would. On a clown car.

Maybe? A little clarity would be helpful. Unfortunately, this is David Hogg we’re dealing with … clarity isn’t really his thing.

Last time we checked, guns are regulated. Gay kids, on the other hand, are not.

David needs to stop pulling all-nighters. Clearly the sleep deprivation is messing with his judgment and sense of reality, which is bad news for him because his judgment and sense of reality were messes to begin with.

Only in his mind:

If he were challenged by a Second Amendment advocate, David Hogg wouldn’t be able to debate his way out of a paper back. He’d actually stay inside the paper bag and refuse to come out until the big bad gun rights proponent promised to go away and never come back.

Got him all the way to Hahvahd!

It’s probably made him pretty rich, too.

“Don’t Say Gay” proponents are trying to protect kids, David.

So are gun rights proponents, actually.

Come back when you know what the hell you’re talking about. We’ll even save a seat for you.

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