Yesterday President Biden was speaking to a trade union group when he started talking about the war in Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, at which point he said the following:

“This war could continue for a long time. But the United States will continue to stand with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in the fight for freedom, and I just want you to know that. And by the way, if I gotta go to war I’m goin’ with you guys.”

More talk about “going to war” raised a lot of eyebrows, especially coming on the heels of Biden’s visit with US troops in Poland where he told them what they’d be seeing while in Ukraine (which the White House immediately walked back and put a spin on). Biden’s remark to the trade union group also had Psaki grabbing a mop for another cleanup on aisle Biden:

Q: The president today was talking about his vow to stand by Ukrainians and added a line, “and by the way, if I’ve got to go to war, I’m going with you guys.” Can you clarify what that meant?

A: He has no intention of sending troops to the ground or fighting a war with US forces against Russia. That was a reflection of his long love for labor unions and members of labor unions, and the building and trade workers who were there, and people that he would always love to be in the foxhole with and not an indication of a change in US policy.


It must be exhausting having to constantly mop up after Biden makes continual verbal messes.

We’re a little confused too.

Psaki’s got to be counting the days until she makes the lateral (but more profitable) move from the Biden White House to MSNBC.



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