It seems crazy that Will Smith’s Oscars slap heard ’round the world happened less than two weeks ago. Feels like a distant memory, doesn’t it? Suppose that’s inevitable when we live in a world as insane as this one.

Anyway, Will Smith and his delightful wife Jada Pinkett Smith are back on people’s minds today, thanks to some very interesting video footage that sheds some light on their very unique relationship dynamic:

Dear Lord. He looks terrified and completely demoralized. What, exactly, have we just watch?

It’s really something, is what it is.

On Instagram, from the looks of it.

Well, technically, she was giving off some deeply creepshow vibes. Evidently the video is actually a few years old:

That it’s from 2019 doesn’t really make it better. It arguably makes it all even worse.

Like, geez. Generally speaking, it’s best not to speculate on other people’s marriages because we can never really know what happens behind closed doors. But in this case, Jada Pinkett Smith was willing to show the whole world what goes on behind the closed doors in her house. And we can’t help but suspect that their marriage is not the healthiest out there.

There will and should be a lot of takes on this. Not all of them will be brilliant …


Oh, you mean the openly-cheating-on-her-husband thing?

Yeah, guys, we’re starting to think that open marriages aren’t all that great for long-term marital harmony.

We certainly don’t condone Will Smith slapping Chris Rock over a joke, but in a way, we sort of understand how it happened. Jada’s apparently got a bizarre but powerful grip on him.

Best of luck to those two crazy kids!

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