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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Clarissa’s muumuu isn’t the declaration of independence that she thinks it is.

Upfront: I know, I know…RACISM.

I’m not a big Barack Obama fan. I’ve got a lengthy laundry list of his failures as a president but none of them matter because any criticism of The Lightbringer is countered with the “racist” canard by the low-functioning libs.

Here’s the thing though: he was an awful president (not too hard to prove) and is a horrible human being.

Just a couple of days ago, we were going over the fact that he’s such a narcissistic tool that he couldn’t back off the ego and help his buddy Amtrak Joe with a photo opp boost. All he had to do was show up, smile, and let Biden be bathed in nostalgia and hope for the future. But, President Mom Jeans being President Mom Jeans, he had to remind everyone that he was the alpha male and his old pal Joe was the runt of the litter.

The biggest problem with Obama is that he’s a two-term President of the United States who really isn’t a fan of the Constitution upon which this glorious Republic was built.

Let Robert explain:

One would think that a former president of the United States would be a staunch defender of the First Amendment. When it comes to Barack Obama, however, you’d think wrong. Obama spoke Wednesday at an event sponsored by The Atlantic and the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics, “Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy.” In the course of a long and rambling discussion with The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, Obama called for government control over the Internet in order to stem the “demand for crazy” that was spreading what he called “disinformation.” As Leftists always do, Obama claimed that this “disinformation” was threatening “our democracy,” that is, the Left’s political and cultural hegemony.

Obama first insisted, with his characteristic near-incoherence: “I am close to a First Amendment absolutist. I believe in the idea of not just free speech, but also that you deal with bad speech with good speech, that you engage, um, that, that, that, that the exceptions to that are very narrow, um, and, and, and, y’know, particularly, uh, among this cohort of folks in college, and I’ve talked to my daughters about this, um, y’know, I don’t want us to be such a society of manners that, like, we can’t, we feel like our feelings are hurt and we can’t hear something that, uh, somebody says, and, and, and we wilt. Uh, I think, uh, I want us all as citizens to be in the habit of being able to hear stuff that we disagree with and be able to answer with our words.” His First Amendment absolutism, however, only went so far.

After a good bit more rambling, Obama got around to asserting that in order to limit the spread of what he called “toxic information,” it would be “reasonable for us as a society to have a debate, and then to put in place a combination of regulatory measures and, uh, industry norms, uh, that leave intact the opportunity for these platforms to make money, but say to them that, there, there, there’s certain practices that we are not, that we don’t think are good for our society and we’re gonna discourage.” There goes the First Amendment.

Leftists like Obama tend to struggle with the definition of “free.” When I say “struggle” I really mean “ignore.”

I’m a comedian, so free speech issues hit a little closer to home for me than they do for most people. There can be no parameters. There can most definitely not be arbiters of what is right or wrong or, “regulatory measures” regarding freedom of speech.

Sixty or so years ago, Lenny Bruce was frequently sent to jail for dropping f-bombs. American society was supposed to have evolved since then. Now the leftist scolds want to shut down not just words, but ideas.

Thanks to the Constitution, Barack Obama was not allowed to hang around the presidency and become a dictator.

Well, I guess we know why he hates the Constitution so much.

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