It’s clear that Leftists are stung when we rightly point out that they’re groomers. (But honestly, what else would you call someone who insists on initiating children into the adult world of human sexuality and all its colorful permutations?) The talking points went out last week, and progressives want us to know that they’re very upset we are calling them names!

Christina Pushaw, who is press secretary to the mighty Gov. Ron “47” DeSantis and thus at ground zero of the anti-grooming law debate, tweeted out examples of the lockstep leftist media as it tries to fight the label that creepy rainbow-pimping educators have earned:

It seems as if even Leftists are catching on that America is looking askance at them these days, due to their insistence on sexualizing preschoolers. Sensing looming midterm disaster, they didn’t take long to come up with a dueling narrative: it’s Republicans who are the real kiddie-diddlers!

Newsweek was one of the more prominent outlets to assist with the narrative-building, posting a provocatively titled bit of propaganda for fellow travelers to bandy about the social media echo chamber on Tuesday. “Tennessee GOP Proposes Bill Eliminating Age Requirements for Marriage,” blared the clickbait headline!

It didnt take a hot minute for Leftists to come up with a “Don’t-Say-Gay”-style fake name for the Tennessee bill:

And check out this heart-rending graphic:

But as usual, the Leftist hubbub turned out to be so much horse excrement.

The first sentence in the Newsweek story reads, “Tennessee Republicans are moving forward with a bill that would eliminate age requirements for marriage in the state.” Hide your daughters!

The second paragraph launches directly into pro-gamer-level gyrations:

The bill, HB 233, … would establish common-law marriage between “one man” and “one woman,” but it does not include a minimum age requirement. (emphasis obviously added, because they seriously thought this was an issue.) Opponents of the bill said it could open up the possibility of child marriages.

This could only ever be considered an issue to Leftists, who — as the newest Supreme Court justice demonstrated — cannot define “woman.” The rest of us, of course, know that a woman is an adult female human being.

But Leftists, who can’t define what a woman is and who apparently always have hot child action on their minds, doubtless immediately started making plans to relocate to Tennessee.

So embarrassing was the progressive wishful thinking, even left-leaning felt the need to step in and save the party from further humiliation.

A Tennessee bill is aimed at excluding same-sex couples from proposed common law marriage contracts. Social media posts misleadingly claim the bill would allow child marriage and “legalize pedophilia.” The bill initially omitted a minimum age, but was amended on April 6 to say individuals must be at least 18 years old.

That’s right: in order to help pedo-curious Democrats save face, the bill’s proponents added the clarification that “men” and “women” would need to be 18 years of age to be considered to be adults.

For Our VIPs: Yes, the Gender Cult Is Full of Groomers and We Won’t Stop Saying It

FactCheck called out some of the Leftists who tried to kindle outrage about how it was the Republicans who wanted to touch children inappropriately:

A Facebook post on April 7 from the liberal advocacy group Occupy Democrats misleadingly claims, “Tennessee Republicans are advancing a ‘marry little kids’ bill that will allow them to marry children of any age. Why is the Republican Party trying to legalize pedophilia?” The post has amassed over 3,600 reactions.

Alas for the soon-to-be-voted-into-oblivion Left, the desired feedback loop failed to materialize.

Tenn. state Rep. Tom Leatherwood, the bill’s sponsor, explained, “So, all this bill does is give an alternative form of marriage for those pastors and other individuals who have a conscientious objection to the current pathway to marriage in our law,” according to the Newsweek article. In other words, it was designed to carve out a safe space for religious and state officiants to preside over weddings that conform to the definition of marriage as it was traditionally understood through the eons until just a couple years ago.

The bill is scheduled to get a hearing in the Tenn. House Civil Justice Committee on April 13. Although traditional American civil liberties tend to get short shrift whenever “justice” versus God-given rights, we wish the bill well. The millions of Americans who know that marriage is the union of one man and one woman deserve to be accommodated.

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