David Hogg will be joining up with Joe Biden to talk about what actions are being taken to reduce gun violence.



Talk about the dumb leading the dumber.

We suppose since his pillow business bit the dust, Harvard’s PRIDE needs something to do but really?

Guess those other tens of thousands of laws already on the books regulating guns haven’t done enough just yet so why not a few more? Because you know, bad guys who do bad things with guns care so much about the law.

And speaking of a bad guy doing a bad thing with a gun, remember what Hunter Biden did?

So Hunter will be going to jail now, right? Hey, them’s the rules.

And if David FINALLY wants something to be done …

And then Biden will tell another story about disarming a one-eyed guy named Meanie La-Bang-Bang in a bar back when he was hanging out with FDR in Venezuela.

Or something.


There ya’ go.

Well, Joe IS sleepy … that could work.

Well of course.

What else does he have?



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