As expected, in the France election no candidate achieved 50% of the vote. That sets up a runoff election fifteen days from now to determine who will be the next president. Reuters Article Here – Guardian/ MSM Article Here

In the primary race the final results are not yet announced; however, current President Emmanuel Macron has approximately 28% of the vote, and challenger Marine Le Pen has around 24% of the vote. No other candidate was close enough to change the top two outcome. In the head-to-head matchup, the race is essentially tied, well within the margin of polling error (as above). Interestingly, Le Pen has flipped the 18-to-34-year age bracket and now holds majority support in the younger voting bloc. Perhaps, due to young French citizens feeling the outcomes of the professional political left thirsting for unilateral power during COVID.

There was around a 65% voter turnout according to most early analysts. The general election is essentially a coin toss based on the current polling. The final vote to determine the winner will take place April 24th. It will be a very closely watched event by leaders around the world. A Le Pen victory would be seismic in the […]

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