Abdullah Faaruuq is the imam of Mosque Praise Allah in Boston, and while one would think that a man who has dedicated his life to spiritual pursuits and has a congregation to which he can minister would be at peace and content with his existence, Abdullah Faaruuq is not a happy man. He lives in the United States of America, you see, and while millions of his coreligionists would happily cross our porous Southern border and throw themselves upon the tender mercies of Old Joe Biden’s handlers in order to get here, and many are actually doing so, Abdullah Faaruuq is not pleased to be in what was once known as the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. He would rather be any number of other places, where Allah’s sun shines on those who conform their behavior to his immutable and ineffable will.

In a Friday sermon at the Islamic Society of Boston, which is actually in Cambridge, Mass., on March 18, the good imam lamented: “We are in America. We are not in Sudan. We are not in Afghanistan.” Now most people around the world would take that as a plus, including many who are in Sudan and Afghanistan, neither of which have any problems with illegal immigration, but Abdullah Faaruuq was approaching the issue from the standpoint of Islamic piety. He continued: “We are not in places where women have the sense to cover themselves. We are not in Egypt, Morocco, Pakistan, India. We are in a land where disobedience to Almighty God is what is the norm. Disobedience is normal.”

Well, yes. If that’s your standard, then yes, the number of people for whom obedience to Allah is the highest priority is not yet approaching a majority in the United States. And Abdullah Faaruuq is not at all happy about that. He continues: “Perversity is average — men can marry men, women can marry men… Oh yeah, that’s true, women can marry men… That’s good, Allah be praised. Women can marry women. This is a land in which anything is possible. If you don’t like your gender, you can change it, you can chop it off, put it on. You could do anything you want. This is a terrible place.”

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Faaruuq is angry because of America’s libertinism. He doesn’t mention, of course, that the supposed piety of Islamic lands is actually coercion and fear. People don’t behave the way many do in America not because they are more righteous than Americans, but because they’re more afraid than Americans, and with good reason. In Sudan, Afghanistan, or any of the other Islamic paradises Abdullah Faaruuq longs to live in, you can get stoned to death, beheaded, or have your hand cut off if you get out of line. That kind of threat can induce conformity, but it is not actually the same thing as genuine virtue or righteousness, which is voluntarily chosen and never coerced.

The other problem with what Faaruuq says, of course, is that if he is unhappy in this “terrible place” where people have the freedom to be bad or be good, there is a simple remedy for this: he and his followers could move to Sudan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Morocco, Pakistan, or India. But Faaruuq does not appear to mention that possibility, and it is virtually certain that neither he nor his followers actually want to do that. One reason for this is that it really isn’t as bad in America as Faaruuq says, and Muslims are freer here than they are in most Muslim countries. Also, it should not be overlooked that many of those who heard Faaruuq’s words have read and are likely hoping to claim the promise in this Qur’an passage: “Whoever emigrates for the sake of Allah will find much refuge and abundance in the earth, and whoever forsakes his home, a refugee for Allah and his messenger, and death overtakes him, his reward is then obligatory upon Allah” (4:100).

Emigration for the sake of Allah involves Islamizing one’s new home. So if Faaruuq doesn’t like it here, if he keeps on preaching Islam and getting others to do so, eventually he will like it just fine, because it will be just like Sudan or Afghanistan. With Old Joe Biden’s handlers determined to let anyone and everyone into the countries and make our Southern border into nothing more than a line on a piece of paper, that day could come sooner than most people think.

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