Caitlyn Jenner, a biological man who came out as transgender decades after winning a gold medal at the 1976 Olympics, is continuing to speak out against allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports.

“We must protect women’s sports. At all costs,” Jenner wrote in an opinion piece.

“What Lia has done, beating biological women to win a Division I national championship, is anathema to what sports represents and the spirit of competition,” Jenner wrote regarding transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, a biological man who won a 500-yard freestyle while competing against women at the NCAA Championships in March.

Thomas finished the race more than one second faster than the second-place finisher. The University of Pennsylvania hailed Thomas as “the first Quaker female swimmer to win an NCAA individual title.”

“Watching Lia completely dominate the competition was heartbreaking and maddening at the same time,” Jenner wrote. “My heart broke for the female athletes who worked their entire lives to reach the pinnacle of the sport just to have it overshadowed by this controversy. And I was mad because it did not have to be this way. The NCAA should have done the honorable thing to protect these women. It is their obligation to do so. Yet, the NCAA caved to the woke mob and refused to protect women, on all levels.”

Prior to making it to the NCAA championships, Thomas had already generated controversy by winning various races while competing against women.

But sometimes Thomas lost races as well. During the NCAA championships the swimmer came in eighth place in a 100-yard freestyle and tied for fifth place in a 200-yard freestyle.

Jenner, who recently joined Fox News as a contributor, ran as a Republican last year during California’s gubernatorial recall election but earned far fewer votes than various other candidates. Democratic Gov. Newsom was not ultimately recalled by voters during the contest.

“This is a massive cultural issue not only for the midterm elections, but for 2024 as well. This is why I will be working with candidates and political committees to find solutions that will protect women’s sports while respecting the decisions of those who live their lives authentically,” Jenner wrote.

“In a few weeks time, I will be heading to Capitol Hill to discuss common-sense solutions with level-headed elected officials from both sides of the aisle. This issue is bigger than any single person. It is bigger than Lia Thomas. It is bigger than myself. This is about a generation of women who are under assault from the woke mob,” Jenner noted.

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