Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says he supports Governor Greg Abbott’s plan to send illegal migrants to Biden’s doorstep in D.C.. Paxton says “why should the governor not be able to protect his state?”

According to Fox News, “[Paxton] acknowledged a 2012 Supreme Court case, Arizona v. the United States, prevents states from making their own immigration policies and is a ‘problem’ for Texas’ efforts. Still, he wants Texas to move ahead with busing migrants to Biden’s doorstep and suggested the Supreme Court, now with a solid 6-3 conservative majority, could give the issue a fresh look.”

“I think that was wrongly decided,” Paxton told Fox & Friends. “So I’d encourage the governor to force people to be sent out of our state and make the federal government sue us [and] take that back to the U.S Supreme Court.”

“If you’re not going to let us deport these people –-  if we don’t have the authority to do that, and we’re in the middle of a litigation over that right now to see if we do – then why not send them to the doorstep of Joe Biden and let him take care of the problem since he’s creating it,” Paxton said.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki is calling Abbott’s move a “publicity stunt”; Paxton doesn’t agree.

“I wish it was a publicity stunt. She doesn’t understand the reality or care about the reality of what’s happening on the Texas border,” Paxton says.

Watch his response above.

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