A little over a month after bashing the western The Power of the Dog for being filmed in New Zealand and for making “allusions to homosexuality throughout the f—ing movie,” actor Sam Elliott has apologized and now says he feels terrible for criticizing the film.

Elliott now claims the movie “struck a chord” with him.

“I told the WTF podcaster [Marc Maron] that I thought Jane Campion was a brilliant director, and I want to apologize to the cast of The Power of the Dog. Brilliant actors all,” Elliott told Deadline on Sunday. “And in particular, Benedict Cumberbatch. I can only say that I’m sorry and I am. I am.”

Elliott previously described the movie as “a piece of s—t” and mocked the costuming, saying the cowboys depicted in the movie looked like Chippendale dancers.

“That’s what all these f—ing cowboys in that movie looked like,” the actor fumed. “They’re all running around in chaps and no shirts. There’s all these allusions to homosexuality throughout the f—ing movie.”

The movie would go on to win an Oscar for Best Director.

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Elliott’s remarks caused a stir on social media, with the usual suspects calling for him to be canceled. As such, an apology seemed inevitable.

“I said some things that hurt people, and I feel terrible about that,” Elliott declared. “The gay community has been incredible to me my entire career. And I mean my entire career, from before I got started in this town. Friends on every level and every job description up until today. I’m sorry I hurt any of those friends and someone that I loved, and anyone else by the words that I used.”

Does Elliott really believe apologizing will save him? We’ve seen this scenario before: apologizing to the woke mob won’t stop them from going after you; it only empowers them even further.

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