Covid-19 is supposedly “ending,” but infections, hospitalizations and deaths have only increased in vaccinated populations over the past months. The data is clear in Canada. According to the Canadian government, the doubly and triply vaccinated are more likely to be infected, experience severe disease, be hospitalized or die from covid-19. However, this historic medical malfeasance is being swept under the rug. The world is learning to live with vaccine failure, namely antibody-dependent enhancement.

FDA ignored evidence of ADE for Pfizer’s covid mRNA

When the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for Pfizer’s covid-19 mRNA, they completely ignored the risk of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), even though there was clear evidence that this phenomenon was occurring after vaccination [Table 5]. ADE occurs when virus-specific antibodies enhance the entry and replication of a virus in mammalian cells.

The covid-19 mRNA jab uses lipid nano-particles to bypass the innate immune response. By evading the first lines of detection and forcing replication of spike proteins inside the body, the covid-19 mRNA injection causes an incomplete immune response that is non-neutralizing. This non-neutralizing response signals T cells to deal with the artificial infection, but the response is indirect and unable to generate a complete cell-mediated, helper T-cell-1 and 2 response — resulting in a weak B cell memory. While the non-neutralizing antibodies provide some sort of measurable immune response, it is not durable in the long term and sometimes not even effective in the short term.

The non-neutralizing, virus-specific antibodies allow future mutations of the virus to readily enter the cell and infect macrophages and other immune cells. This process causes an over-reactive immune response that leads to severe disease upon subsequent infection. These non-neutralizing immune responses can be brought on by a natural infection that did not convey neutralizing antibodies upon first exposure or can be the result of poorly-designed mRNA vaccines that systematically destroy human immune function.

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When the FDA received evidence of ADE, they brushed it aside, right along with a long list of side effects that include death. The Pfizer documents were intended for release 75 years from now, but a court order is forcing the FDA to release the files in 2022. These documents reveal that the FDA ignored evidence of ADE. There were 101 cases of covid-19 after vaccination and 75 of the cases were severe, “resulting in hospitalization, disability, life-threatening consequences or death.” The agency knew that these vaccines depleted the human immune system and caused severe adverse reactions. The vaccines were forcefully pushed onto the population regardless, as the agency claimed, “no new safety issues have been raised.”

Canadian government admits that doubly and triply vaccinated are experiencing higher infection, hospitalization and death rates

By sweeping vaccine failure under the rug, medical atrocities are being carried out in real time. The Government of Canada is now releasing data showing that the doubly and triply vaccinated are suffering from ADE. Statistically, Canadians are now four times more likely to be infected with a coronavirus variant if they are vaccinated. The triply vaccinated are more likely to get infected and spread infections, and they are also 1.5 times more likely to be hospitalized with covid-19 and twice as likely to die from these infections (when compared to the non-vaccinated cohort).

According to the Government of Canada’s Covid-19 Epidemiology Update, from February 14 to March 20th, vaccine effectiveness dropped into serious negative territory, enhancing disease, increasing hospitalizations and deaths. When it comes to getting infected, two doses are now -328.3% “effective” and three doses are -208% “effective.” Two doses increase hospitalizations (-41.3% effective) and so does three doses (-19.3% effective). Death rates also increase for two doses (-74.4% effective) and three doses (-52.3% effective). If trends continue, data for the fourth (and eventually the fifth dose) will show further infectious disease spread, lack of hospital bed capacity, and accelerated death.

Antibody-dependent enhancement is not new

A promising dengue vaccine candidate was tested on Philippine children in 2016. Because the vaccine induced immune responses to all four serotypes of the dengue virus, scientists believed it would illicit durable immunity in children. However, four children died after vaccination because the antibody responses were non-neutralizing and destroyed the children’s ability to adapt to future dengue infection.

During the clinical trials for SARS and MERS vaccines (also coronaviruses), animals were more likely to suffer from ADE, pathogenic priming and enhanced disease. A cytokine storm resulted, killing many animals. Pfizer’s phase three clinical trial for covid-19 mRNA is being conducted, not on animals this time, but forcefully on humans. The clinical trials are set to end in April 2023, and human populations are being destroyed in the process.

Who knew that surveillance of vaccine status could ultimately be used to highlight the issue of ADE in the real world? This brings up the question: How many of the original covid-19 deaths (pre-covid-19 vaccine) were caused by ADE, coronavirus interference or pathogenic priming from the seasonal influenza vaccines? There is evidence to suggest that the influenza vaccine supply causes coronavirus interference and enhanced infection as well. Evidence also shows that natural infection with influenza A/H3N2 protects against highly pathogenic influenza A/H5N1 virus, but vaccination against influenza A/H3N2 virus actually reduces virus-specific CD8+ T cell responses and heterosubtypic immunity to the same pandemic influenza.

Perhaps, today’s forced vaccination and surveillance of human populations will ultimately be the undoing of the destructive, predatory vaccine industry — an industry that has hijacked government agencies, misled the public, destroyed human immune systems, and caused further suffering and death.

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