Most of the time, emails flood your inbox and live there forever, so finding one may only take a quick inquiry into your email client’s search bar. But just occasionally, things go wrong, and when an important message goes missing, it can cause serious headaches.

Mail Backup X offers a simple, affordable solution. This app lets you create a backup of pretty much any inbox and send a copy to the cloud, making retrieving them easy should they be lost or if your email client is lagging. It’s generally priced at $179, but Hannity viewers can grab the Individual Edition today for only $49.99 in a special deal.

We often think of cloud services like Gmail and Hotmail as infallible. They rarely break, after all. However, no cloud service is unbeatable. And if you urgently need to access a particular email, having a backup can seriously reduce your stress.

Used by over 42,000 businesses, Mail Backup X lets you back up emails from all major email clients and online platforms. The backup files are compressed to free up three times more storage space on your device, and you can easily upload a duplicate copy to Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and other services.

Rated at 5 out of 5 stars on CNET, Mail Backup X uses military-grade encryption to keep your emails truly private. However, you can easily preview or import any archive file in the app. Along with keeping your emails safe, Mail Backup X works really well for migrating your messages from one inbox to another, which is ideal if you want to retire an old email address or switch to a new client.

Usually worth $179, you can order today for just $49.99 to get a Mail Backup X Individual Edition plan on up to two devices (Windows/Mac).


Mail Backup X Individual Edition – $49.99

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