I missed this Pew Survey from last fall that demonstrates that the “defund the police” and “soft on crime” attitudes are the position predominantly of while liberals. Minority support for more police spending went up in the second half of 2020 and 2021—gee, I wonder why? From “Growing Share of Americans Want More Police Spending in Their Area“:


Some facts and figures about Russia’s oil and natural gas exports:

So it sure would be good if people like Germany kept their nuclear power plants open. Oh, wait. . .

Here at home:

Meanwhile, what’s happening with fertilizer prices? This (get ready for higher food costs):

Worth repeating:

Teachers Unions—just a PAC for the Democratic Party:

FWIW—I’m guessing the Scots have gone back to tossing drarfs instead of telephone poles:

News you can use:


Who benefits most from student loan forebearance:

And finally. . .

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