It’s been a million news cycles since it happened, but back in the fall, border patrol agents in Del Rio, Texas faced accusations of using whips on illegal immigrants coming across the border with Mexico. The allegations were based on a photograph by Paul Ratje that whipped the left into their natural frenzy.

While it might be easy to understand the use of such force against people who illegally try to enter our country, that’s not at all what the border patrol agents did. Instead, they had used long reins to control their horses.

The Department of Homeland Security investigated the incident, and even the photographer admitted that the agents didn’t whip the migrants.

There’s good news: the DHS has cleared the agents of any wrongdoing.

But the bad news that goes with that story is that the slanders against these agents by the Biden administration still stand, and we won’t let the world forget what various members of the administration said about these brave border patrol agents.

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John Cooper of the Heritage Foundation compiled the smears as they happened, so I’m indebted to him for his thorough Twitter thread. But let’s look at how the administration lied about these agents and refused to walk those slanders back.

On Sept. 23, 2021, as DHS was investigating the matter, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas opined on the incident. He said, “We were indeed horrified by the images. That is not who we are.” Of course, it’s not who DHS is because it didn’t happen.

White House Spokesfool Jen Psaki opened her mouth multiple times to wrongly condemn the agents. On Sept. 20, she popped out onto the dais at the White House saying, “Of course they should never be able to do it again … It’s obviously horrific.” Oh, and then she said she needed more information. Presumably, she had time to gather more info, but two days later, she accused the agents of “brutal and inappropriate measures.” Both statements took place while the incident was still under investigation.

Vice President Kamala Harris outdid Mayorkas and Psaki. She said, “There needs to be consequences and accountability” and even had the gall to compare the trumped-up charges to slavery!

And then there’s the “Big Guy” himself: President Joe Biden. Once again, while the matter was under investigation, he stated that “those people will pay … There will be consequences.”

At the time, Cooper said, “These comments from top officials in the Biden administration are reckless and irresponsible. And perhaps worst of all, they make it impossible for those being investigated to be treated fairly. The administration’s already condemned them. This is shameful.”

He was right then, and it’s right now. Officials at the highest levels of our government believed and repeated false information, slandered agents of the federal government, and worst of all took the side of illegal aliens over the agents in their employ.

Where are the apologies? They didn’t come then, and I can guarantee that we’ll never hear them.

We must never forget the lies that the Biden administration has told, no matter how much they want us to.

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