Quinnipiac’s latest poll, which dropped yesterday, was full of fail for “President” Biden. For starters, Biden’s job approval is the worst Quinnipiac has yet recorded, with 54% of American adults disapproving while only 33% approve. Quinnipiac regularly comes in as more harshly critical of Biden than the Real Clear Politics average, which currently has Slow Joe underwater by only 52.3% to 40.4%. Quinnipiac’s methodology is a purely random sampling of Americans over 18, so there isn’t any “weighting” or other statistical manipulation going on.

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Quinnipiac also found that Americans “disapprove of the way Joe Biden is handling the response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine” by a margin of 48%–39% (with 14% unsure), and they think the worst is yet to come in Ukraine by a ratio of 71%–17% (12% didn’t know). The poll went on to find a strong sense urgency to help the Ukrainian people and antipathy towards Russian President Vladimir Putin. While it’s not surprising that the global establishment-wide push to engage people in the Russia-Ukraine conflict has tweaked up the urge to “do something” among uninvolved Americans, it’s clear that they don’t view Biden as a leader who is capable of handling the situation.

While this is all unsurprising yet still enjoyable for real Americans to read, the tastiest tidbit appears in the demographic breakdown of respondents.

When asked whether they approve or disapprove of the way Joe Biden is handling his job as president, black respondents were most likely to hold out support for Biden, with 63% somehow still approving of his job performance. However, a healthy 25% of black Americans are done with him.

From there, Biden dove into negative territory. Whites disapprove of Biden’s presidency by a ratio of 59% to 31%. But by far the group that can’t stand President Blither the most is — hold onto your narrative! — Hispanic Americans. And of those who disapprove, an overwhelming majority (41% of the 59%) disapprove strongly.

The next time some leftist robot tells you only racists could be against Biden’s open border, you can show them this poll. Why, it’s almost as if people who played by the rules and came here legally don’t really want every scumbag from their old homeland rolling into their new homeland and helping themselves to taxpayer goodies. Hispanics apparently pay taxes, too — who knew?

I’m going out on a limb here and suggesting that people who uprooted their lives and left their homes to escape corrupt socialist countries didn’t go to all that trouble just to land in yet another corrupt socialist country.

This is even funnier when you remember that Democrats have been crowing for decades about how they are deliberately changing the demographics of America so that white voters will be cancelled out, because they thought Hispanic people would monolithically vote for them. Such is the danger when you are so racist that you can only see other human beings as members of skin-color groups, to which you have assigned your own values.

The poll was conducted April 7–11. Of the 1,412 adults surveyed, 1,256 — a healthy majority — self-identified as registered voters. Good.

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