President Biden traveled to Greensboro, North Carolina to speak at North Carolina A & T University yesterday. I can’t find a White House transcript. C-SPAN has posted the video here. He was pumped with a mélange of mindless twaddle promoting the gusher of government spending for which he stands.

“Now we’re seeing the results of our economic vision,” he proclaimed. He credited the American Rescue Plan and yelled about reducing the debt and deficit as he blames Putin for inflation. “Putin’s price hike” is the motto. Electric vehicles and 500,000 charging stations are the key to our future. I feel brain cells sloughing off as the video rolls, but the lies kept me awake.

All good things “require investments,” of course. I hope you know what that means by now. “Investment” is a theme. “We stopped investing in our future for a while.” I think that was before inflation surged to a 40-year high.

Future progress depends on a Bipartisan Innovation Act, a follow up to the alleged infrastructure bill. “It’s all about speed,” he said, as his yammering slowed time to a crawl and he itemized spending items in the pipeline.

He mentioned “serous brain damage” and your mind begins to wander. Is he projecting again? The McDonald’s mom and her trip to the parking lot for internet service recurs: “Not a joke. Not a joke.”

It’s a joke!

About 28 minutes into the speech he rattled on about a Build Back Better World bill. That was news to me. Global warming requires it. He discoursed on the Amazon as a carbon sink. “They” need money.

I see the teleprompters, but was he speaking from a text? His mind is pinballing it. The number of assertions that are “not a joke” continues to escalate.

His dad reappears. His employer took away his health insurance way back when. Insulin. Type 1 diabetes. It costs too much. “Deprives you of your dignity.” Price controls are the answer.

Unfortunately, “equity and opportunity require more than investment. They require police and criminal justice reform.” He’s taking action with an “equity action plan.”

Yes, send this guy on the road to tell his story. That’s the ticket.

As the speech winds a tortured path to its conclusion and Biden keeps repeating “not a joke,” I feel an irrepressible urge to shout out again: “It’s a joke.” And speaking of serious brain damage…or maybe it’s just muscle memory.

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