Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the presence of sheer genius. Now, many of you doubt the mental acuity of our dear leader and this is very understandable.  However, his move Monday should sweep that away forever. You see, the man has solved the intractable problem of crime in our lifetime, before our very eyes and ears.

The passing centuries have seen many crime-fighting techniques come and go to little or no effect. Fingerprints, mugshots, and two-way ‘wireless’ communication, all helped in their small way. But on Monday, president Biden modestly put forward a proposal that will be earth-shattering in its eventual import. An idea so simple but mind bendingly brilliant that it staggers the imagination. This one modification will change the face of crime-fighting forever. Miscreants will no longer be able to hide when this concept from –dare we say it– our boffin in chief is fully implemented everywhere.

What is this wonderful new technological marvel? Well, we gave it away in the headline so there is no mystery there, ahem. Yes, it’s nothing but having a serial number on a firearm.  Presumably, so that it can be traced somehow, that’s it. All the hoopla, all the fawning coverage from the national socialist media, and all the accolades from Bloomberg’s mom’s looking for action in Everytown. Was for some government-mandated metal engraving that is perfectly meaningless since most criminals get their guns by theft or other illegal means. On top of that, this only helps when criminals carelessly leave guns at the scene of a crime.

Seriously, do they expect us to believe that burdening the innocent with another infringement on a common-sense civil right is going to do anything? Alas, this announcement wasn’t for those of us on the pro-freedom side of the aisle. Aside from distracting from the disastrous inflation numbers, of 8.5% a 40-year high or perhaps it was just a happy coincidence that they made this announcement the day before. Nevertheless, we’re seeing an illustration of the liberty grabber left’s favorite tactics in action.

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If you study the liberty deniers long enough, you’ll note a disturbing little two-step game they like to play. Step one is the status quo, where leftist liars (but we repeat ourselves) claim a complete lack of gun regulation. The exceedingly dangerous situation is rife with the scourge of ‘easy access to guns’, which has led to an ‘epidemic’ of gun violence. The perfect scenario for the liberty grabber left to swoop in and save the day like a legislative superhero. They will propose a miraculous ‘solution’ to the problem such as we’re seeing here on privately made firearms (PMFs). This is step two of the game.

The funny thing is that the step two item morphs over time. It begins as the greatest gun control measure ever conceived and immediately shrinks in effectiveness after it’s been passed. It will be labeled as ‘just the start’, and all the promises due to this ‘huge win’ will be quickly forgotten, along with the measure itself. Anti-liberty leftists certainly can’t allow the perception that ‘progress’ has been made after all. Soon after the hoopla dies down the rhetoric is reset to the initial conditions of step one and the process begins all over again.

Have you ever wondered how the far left can knowingly lie and claim it’s easy to legally buy a gun than it is to buy vegetables or vote? If you’ve ever leaped through the hoops of buying a gun from an FFL at a store or gun show. You know that the ‘gun show loophole is a lie’ and that guns are one of the most over-regulated products on the planet. You’ll also know that those people have no use for factual reality or basic truths.

Anti-liberty leftists prioritize the big picture over honesty and integrity, they are out to save the planet or save lives for goodness sakes. It’s amazing what you can do when you bestow moral superiority on yourself, simply because you are morally superior. It frees them to win by any means necessary because of the circular logic of their beliefs. After all, these are people who regularly take on fake labels to deceive the public as to who they truly are. So, if they have to lie once in a while – or all the time – they can rationalize that behavior because they are saving lives or something. Never mind that their beliefs don’t make sense or that studies show that gun control doesn’t work. All they have to do is come up with a new restriction on our liberty and then pretend they don’t exist. Only to do it all over again until they’ve eviscerated liberty as its supposed defenders.

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