Christopher Ingram is another one of those blue checks who seems to be upset about Twitter’s “content moderation” being relaxed a little bit. After all, studies prove that conservatives are far more likely to post misinformation, hate speech, and garbage and therefore get banned more. We’ve seen liberals post plenty of misinformation, like, say, this study, or Hillary Clinton’s tweet about Donald Trump’s secret back-channel connection to Russia’s Alfa Bank (misinformation which people are currently being prosecuted over).

Here’s a second person this week making “free-speechers” or “free-speech guys” a term of insult. Oh, you’re one of those “free-speechers” who just wants to post racist memes, that’s all it’s really about.

“Free speech piss-babies.” OK, the first clue that what Ingraham is saying is complete B.S. is that he cites “professional fact-checkers” as a judge of trustworthiness.

Yes, professional fact-checkers, like Snopes and PolitiFact. Let’s continue to run all social media posts by those two so they can filter out the misinformation.


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