It’s not that we don’t trust Inside the Classroom — we trust them more than we trust Grosse Pointe South High School. But check out some of the questions on the handout. How do your parents vote? How many bedrooms does your house have? What’s the name of the church you attend? Has any member of your family ever been to a psychiatrist, and if so, why? That violates all sorts of HIPAA laws.

The Daily Caller saw the same questionnaire and has an answer. It’s real, but it was just a teaching exercise — a “simulation” — to teach students about McCarthyism.

Kendall Tietz writes for The Daily Caller:

Students believed the survey, which was released on official school letterhead, to be real and that their parents could not opt them out of it, according to NLTE [No Left Turn in Education].

School leadership said the questionnaire “looked like an official document” from the school’s administration, but said the survey was “intentionally designed as a simulation of McCarthyism … to make students question the appropriateness of the information being requested,” according to the letter.

“In fact, within a minute, the teacher explained the purpose of the exercise was not to collect this information, but to demonstrate how private citizens’ rights and privacy were invaded during McCarthyism in the 1950s. The document which contained the questions was collected and destroyed,” the letter said.

That’s a terrible way to teach, mostly because Joseph McCarthy did nothing wrong.

We all had to read the very much-overrated “The Crucible.”

What happened to kids who refused to answer any of the questions?


How about all of those critical race theory “privilege” worksheets they give out asking kids if they’re white, male, straight, if English is their first language, if they live in a house, etc.? They’re expected to fill those out to determine if they are the oppressor or the oppressed.


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