Clashes at Al-Aqsa mosque, the site of Temple Mount, continued on Sunday after Israeli police entered the site again after hundreds of Muslim worshippers reportedly attempted to stop Jewish visitors from coming into the complex.

The clashes at Judaism’s holiest site come as 18 people were arrested Sunday for throwing stones and setting off fireworks, as well as for riots and violent assaults in Jerusalem, Israeli police stated.

Video shows that buses traveling to the Old City had stones thrown at them, and Israel’s Foreign Ministry says that several passengers were injured. The Times of Israel said 10 buses were reportedy attacked within two hours.

When Jewish visitors attempted to visit the mosque on Sunday, two days after significant altercations there, police said that hundreds of young Palestinians in masks took rocks and iron bars with plans to create barricades for a riot in an attempt to prevent non-Muslims from coming into Al-Aqsa mosque.

Also on Sunday, three Jewish men were walking in the Old City when they were brutally attacked by a mob of rioters, as shown on video.

Jerusalem Police Superintendent Doron Turgeman said, as translated, that some of the rioters at the mosque hurt worshippers and damaged the inside of the building with fireworks.

The Palestinian Red Crescent said that 22 Palestinians were treated for injuries at Al-Aqsa during the clashes throughout the day.

Israeli officials say they are committed to freedom of worship for everyone.

Jews are allowed to visit the Temple Mount during limited hours, but they are not allowed to pray in most areas of the complex. Palestinians view the Jewish visitors as stoking tensions.

Israeli forces dispersed a crowed at Al-Aqsa on Friday morning after worshippers in Hamas gear began throwing rocks and setting off fireworks. Hundreds were arrested and dozens were wounded in the confrontation.

The incident Friday caused protests in Palestine and countries such as Jordan.

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