Alyssa Milano thinks it’s a bad thing when people say things like, ‘Take care of your mother while I’m gone,’ to their sons. Apparently, she believes it somehow implies a woman can’t take care of herself, which is really a sad reflection on who she is. People don’t tell one another to take care of one another while they’re away because they don’t think they can take care of themselves, they do it because it’s a good thing to care for the people in your life.

Crazy, right?

Guess Alyssa decided she needed some attention again.

Hey, even bad attention is good attention when you’re an F-List, has-been actress who only appears relevant when you say something monumentally stupid on Twitter. Heck, look at us, we’re writing about her and it has been quite a while since we last did.

She even got bad attention from people she follows (and we know this because as usual, she has limited replies to her tweets):


Love and comfort.

Not misogyny or bullsh*t, Alyssa.

And of course, the dragging was pretty exceptional …

That’s the key.

Regular, healthy women aren’t offended by this.

That works.


Yup again.

Whoda thunk it?

Oh, that’s right, anyone with half a brain.


Cue the whining:

Awww, that’s right. People got angry with her over her stupid tweet because of innate misogyny.

Or something.

Who knew?



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