Seems Lawrence O’Donnell believes he has the right to lecture a SCOTUS justice for what he calls ‘being out of control.’ What exactly does he mean by that? Why should Thomas be ‘controlled’?

Talk about white privilege.


After Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas posed for a photo with the Donald Trump-endorsed Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell says that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is making it very clear to voters whose side he is on.

Soooo Justice Thomas taking a photo with Herschel Walker makes him out of control. And sides? What now?


What a maroon.

How dare he not toe the lefty line and do as he’s told?!

They get pretty fussy when they can’t control a minority.

That’s just really screwed up.

But he took a picture with Herschel Walker!!!


Have we mentioned yet today how stupid everything really is because yeah, it’s really stupid.



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