Right out of the gate you know this piece by Ibram X. Kendi is going to seriously suck because the tweet starts with ‘If QAnon Republicans …’

Must we keep reminding people like Ibram that they are the only ones who care about or see QAnon? At this point, it’s just embarrassing. Is QAnon under his bed right now? In the room with him at all?

And speaking of embarrassing.

Grooming … white supremacy? Wait, what now?

From The Atlantic:

The day after Glenn Youngkin won the Virginia governor’s race last November, a Wall Street Journal headline declared: “Youngkin Makes the GOP the Parents’ Party.” Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio exulted in this new party line on Twitter: “The Republican Party is the party of parents.”

Kendi is wrong here. The Parent Party consists of parents from all political persuasions BUT we suppose he’s rolling so we’ll just let him continue.

This new branding is a myth, a great myth. It is as fictitious and dangerous as the great lie that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump.

But this great myth is not as rudimentary as the great lie. It represents a Trump Tower of GOP propaganda, built over the past year on four hugely false conceptual building blocks:

  1. Republican politicians care about white children.

  2. Anti-racist education is harmful to white children.

  3. Republican politicians are protecting white children by banning anti-racist education.

  4. The Republican Party is the party of white parents because it is protecting white children.

Wow, this is dumb.

Super dumb.

In fact, this may be the dumbest thing this editor has read this week. No wonder so many parents of all color, creed, and political persuasion oppose anything he’s written being taught to their children.

Yeah, this is … weird.

And many on the Left are absolutely falling for his grift.


As it should be.



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