Pretty sure men in general are AOK not having sex with her but ESPECIALLY men who vote Republican. Just sayin’.

We’re not sure what Rachel Bitecofer thought would happen when she tweeted this … considering her bio claims her account kills fascism she likely had a much different reaction in mind? There hasn’t been a pro-abort yet who has made this threat and done well with it.

Just sayin’.

Who is trying to make abortion and birth control illegal? Truth be told, the only thing we’re seeing is restrictions around abortion (which was supposed to be RARE, according to Roe), and Democrats refusing to allow Republicans to make the birth control pill available over the counter.

Seems they always forget that part – Republicans want to make it EASIER to get the pill.

She says this like it’s a threat.

Does she really think there are lots and lots of men who are upset about not being able to have sex with her? And we’re not being mean or shallow, do men really want to be intimate with someone so determined to abort a child? This is just nutty.

Oh darn, we can’t have sex with the horrible woman who wants to kill the unborn, said no sane man, ever.

Yeah, abstinence is a great thing.

Common sense, right?

So many pro-aborts give women little to no credit as if vaginas just drag them around forcing them to have sex.

It’s one of the most obnoxious things we come across when dealing with our tolerant, kind friends on the Left.



This did not go the way she thought it would.

Nope, not at all.



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