We’ve heard so much from the Left about how parents who are concerned about books that contain adult themes being in public school libraries are trying to ‘burn books.’ Ban books. Turning into LITERALLY HITLER because parents should have no say in what their kids read or learn at school.

Or something.

Yeah, the Left is really struggling and choosing some horrible hills to die on. We suppose here in Virginia we should be grateful Terry McAuliffe chose to push this narrative because it definitely helped push Glenn Youngkin over the finish line.

But that’s another story.

Seems public school teachers and public school librarians would also like to remove (BAN! RAR! ARGLE! ELEVENTY!) some books from reading lists … and sadly none of these titles will surprise you at all. Note, we realize they’re not asking to ban any books, just to remove them from reading lists, but we figured we’d return the favor to those on the Left insisting parents who do not want their children exposed to certain books at school are BANNING BOOKS.

One good REEEEEEE deserves another.

Little Women.

Jane Eyre.

Little House on the Prairie.


Great Expectations.

But you know, books like Genderqueer and Lawn Boy are AOK.

Something like that, yup.

Hey, they started it with the ‘book ban’ narrative.



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