Well, this week was starting off so well until I opened up Twitter and saw this dude gyrating in sequins in front of kids. What in the french toast fiddlestick hell is this?

The Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District in Wisconsin promptly shut down its Twitter page after this video went viral. PJ Media reached out to them and they verified that yes, this was a school-sponsored event for staff and students to show off their “talents.” The spokesperson would not answer my questions about the appropriateness of this performance but did offer a statement.

Fine Arts Week is an annual event at Middleton High School that allows students and staff to showcase their talents in music, art, dance, and theater. The week is full of performances that are enjoyed by students and staff alike. Performances range from music to dance to martial arts, culinary arts, visual arts, language arts, and other arts that fit our extensive definition of The Arts.

Parent permission to attend Fine Arts Week events has never been required since the event’s inception many years ago. Every year, the week ends with a staff talent show. Staff members sign up for their act with the Fine Arts Week Coordinator.

This year, an MHS teacher performed a routine in drag as part of the staff talent show. In the last several days, we have received a few dozen messages from people, some of whom have identified themselves as parents or community members, while others seem to be contacting us from outside of the area complaining about the performance. We have also received numerous emails in support of the performance from our families.

The school is reviewing protocols and processes going forward to make sure all perspectives are considered. Going forward, staff performances will be vetted by a team, including an Administrator.

They wouldn’t specify if the administration found the drag performance inappropriate or not. They also refused to answer if they received any complaints from parents or students. The teacher involved, however, isn’t a teacher there anymore.

The teacher involved in the controversial performance resigned his position weeks ago. His resignation is in no way connected to his performance. He will not be returning to our school next year in order to pursue other career paths outside of education.

If he plans on pursuing a career in drag, he has a lot of work to do to overcome his average suburban male hip lock. I’m not sure any self-respecting drag outfit would take his low-energy walk-dancing seriously. Thanks again to Libs of Tik Tok for alerting parents to the absolute clown show that is going on inside public “educational” facilities. Imagine how much smarter everyone would be if they spent this kind of energy and time on math and science!

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