When Vice President Kamala Harris isn’t MIA, she’s serving up word salads on the international stage. And if you ask her, she knows the best words.

That’s what makes her a top-tier Wordler!

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When Vice President Kamala Harris admitted last week at a fundraiser in Washington, D.C., that she is a Wordle obsessive, The Ringer immediately had questions. Does she have a preferred starter word? How long is her streak? And has she gotten sucked into all the Wordle spinoffs—WorldlePoeltlDuotrigordle?!—like the rest of us?

So we called her to find out.

It turns out that Wordle, the daily five-letter word puzzle that has become a national sensation, isn’t Harris’s only gaming habit. And she, like Wordlers everywhere, has some thoughts on the dreaded four-greens-and-one-gray guessing traps. As for hard mode—well, she didn’t even know that easy was an option.

Below, the VP breaks down her Wordle habit, competing with second gentleman Doug Emhoff, and the limitations that come with having a Secret Service–approved cellphone.

Not only is this Very Important Reporting just from a purely journalistic standpoint, but it also offers us regular Americans a glimpse at the impressive Wordle skills of the woman who’s only a heartbeat away from the presidency. And make no mistake: Kamala Harris’ skills are impressive. Go on, just ask her:

She’s being modest, of course. She really has 200%, but she hates to toot her own horn.

We’d love to see Kamala Harris and Kim Jong-un in a Wordle face-off. It’d be a tie. They’d both win every time.

“It is time for us to do what we have been doing, and that time is every day.” And evidently what Kamala Harris has been doing every day is playing Wordle.

Actually, the world is probably a safer place with Kamala playing Wordle than it is with her running around talking about policy and international conflicts and whatnot.

Wordle away, Kamala. Fight for that flawless record! Whether or not you become our next POTUS, no one will ever be able to take your Wordle wins away from you.


Yes, let’s:

If only Wordle had existed two years ago. Talk about a missed opportunity.

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