Wow, after the Ketanji Brown Jackson hearings, we thought Democrats loved judges. But it turns out they only love judges who rule in their favor, and journalists are assuring us their favor is that the mask mandate on airlines stays in place. As we’ve reported, Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern has gone on a long rant about how Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle is 35 years old. Politico’s Sam Stein also noted that Mizelle is only 35 and was confirmed at age 33 after President Trump had already lost the 2020 election. “Judiciary matters,” tweeted Stein.

Reuters’ Lawrence Hurley also pointed out that Mizelle was confirmed by the Senate after Trump had lost the election, and that the American Bar Association rated her “not qualified” for lack of experience:

Exactly! That’s how we’re interpreting all of the hand-wringing over her age.

How many reporters are going to go with these hot takes? Were they that in love with the mask mandate on airplanes? A mandate that was set to expire anyway?


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