CNN’s Chris Cillizza thinks immigration “could be the new sneaky big issue of the 2022 election.” Literally. This is something he wrote as if it’s some secret he just discovered. Or something:

From his “analysis”:

With all the focus of late on inflation and its impact on the coming midterm elections, we may be overlooking another issue gaining traction among the American public: immigration.

More than 4 in 10 Americans told Gallup in March that they have a “great deal” of worry about “illegal immigration,” which is how the firm framed the issue in its survey. That number, which was consistent with Gallup’s polling last year as well, is on the high end of their survey findings on the issue over the past decade.

And considerable concern is primarily on the rise among politically critical independent voters. In 2018, just 3 in 10 independents said they had a great deal of concern about the issue. Now that number stands at 39%.

Memo to CNN: It’s going to get a whole lot worse real quick:

Now, we’d like to ask him why he thinks it’s a “new” issue all of a sudden.

Because it’s not:

And are journos so dumb that they thought this wouldn’t be an issue come election day?

Way to go, “Captain Obvious”:



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