Oh look, the guy who got caught bopping his bologna during a Zoom work call is trashing Judge Kathryn Kimball for ending the mask mandate in travel. We imagine if Kathryn did something Jeffrey Toobin agreed with she’d be some GREAT MIND, but since she struck down an unconstitutional mandate set by an agency with literally no authority, plus she’s a Trump appointee, he tweeted this condescending bulls**t.

Jeffrey, the guy busted for jerkin’ during a work Zoom call, questioning the maturity of anyone else is hilarious.

And once again, he’s turned off replies to his tweet. Almost as if he knows he tweets horrible stuff people hate.

That didn’t stop Nate Silver from dropping him with one simple, factual quote-tweet:

We think it’s fair to say, ‘Boom goes the dynamite,’ here.



Ok, so we didn’t write that.

We nodded a lot reading it.

We put it in our article.

But we didn’t write it.

We see what he did there.

Certainly seems that way.

Something like that.




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