Who’s ready for a really bad analogy. As Twitchy has reported, there’s a lot of butthurt about a judge striking down the CDC’s mask mandate on airplanes and other forms of public transportation. United thinks it’s “cool if a few kids die” so that passengers and flight attendants don’t have to wear masks anymore, according to one ER doctor. These kids are going to die because there’s no vaccine yet approved for children under 5, so flying on a plane is a death wish.

As we mentioned in an earlier post, Nate Silver noted that the average American spends about five hours a year on a plane, so the lifting of the mask mandate isn’t likely to make a major difference.

Blue check Jonathan Eisen has a great analogy to prove Silver wrong. The average American spends less than five hours a year in surgery, too, so why not drop the mask mandate for surgeons?

Yes, that’s what Silver is proposing. In the analogy, though, wouldn’t the surgeons be the ones spending less than five hours a year in surgery?

Someone deserves to be mocked repeatedly.


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