Taylor Lorenz plays the victim in 3 … 2 … 1

As you all know, super-shrew Taylor Lorenz targeted LibsOfTikTok and wrote an entire garbage hit-piece on the woman who runs it. She went so far as to harass her family at their homes.

She had to know this wasn’t going to go well because even last night when rumblings about the story coming out were starting to make their way around social media, people were pissed. And she thought this was a cute way to respond.

Cute typo in her meme. Super journalisty.

And this morning, now that the story has dropped, she’s trying so hard to defend what she’s done.

It would be hilarious if it weren’t so damn annoying.

And boy howdy, there are a lot of people are calling her out.

Even those who may agree with her.

I hope u read the full story … what is she, 12?

Here she is trying to defend her doxxing LOTT as real reporting.

It matters because we are seeing who the Left really is, and Taylor plus the corporate media machine she works for can’t have that.

Joe Biden is basically a houseplant.

And sorry, but lots of people were live-tweeting the Jan 6 protest, Taylor.

She literally posts videos that were made public by crazy liberals.

That’s. It.

Shaping public policy?



Taylor has made her even more powerful, you think she’s smart enough to figure that out?

Yeah, us either.

Ok, so there are a whole lot more tweets but we’re becoming nauseated reading her garbage excuses for what she’s done. Plus we don’t want to share any of LOTT’s doxx with you guys and that’s exactly what she does in this dumb AF thread pretending she’s some great journalist doing the right thing by harassing LOTT into silence and hiding.

Luckily, nobody else is buying this crap either.


How dare anyone amplify their crazy?!

Yeah, this has not been Taylor’s greatest moment.

Like, at all.



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