We have no doubt whatsoever that Taylor Lorenz will be using the criticism she’s getting over her piece doxxing the woman behind the Libs of Tik Tok Twitter account as part of her latest attempt to stir up sympathy and paint herself as the real victim in all this. Taylor legit gets off on playing the victim card, despite the fact that she’s actually the victimizer. Repeatedly.

No, if anyone deserves to be upset today, it’s Libs of Tik Tok. And make no mistake: they’re very upset. But unlike the craven coward that is Taylor Lorenz, Libs of Tik Tok is putting her money where her mouth is and defending herself by exposing Lorenz’s own staggering moral failings. And let’s be clear: Taylor Lorenz has many, many moral failings.

As we told you earlier, Libs of Tik Tok shared a photo of Taylor Lorenz harassing relatives outside their house. But when you’re dealing with someone as awful as Taylor Lorenz, there’s always more garbage to add to the pile. And if Taylor Lorenz is going to go digging for sympathy, well, she’d better do it far away from Libs of Tik Tok. Because Libs of Tik Tok is watching her like a hawk and ready to strike when the opportunities present themselves.

Like here:

And here:

And here:

And, of course, here:

What’s really great about Libs of Tik Tok’s shots at Taylor Lorenz is that hers, unlike Lorenz’s, are fair. They’re justified. And they don’t cross any lines of basic human decency.

Taylor Lorenz could learn a lot from Libs of Tik Tok. But Taylor Lorenz is notorious for never learning from her many, many mistakes. Ultimately, it just sucks to be her.

Best of luck to Libs of Tik Tok in the meantime. She doesn’t deserve the harassment Taylor Lorenz sent her way, but she does deserve our support.

Keep ’em comin’.

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