Paul Krugman is always wrong. We now know that masking was never about slowing the coronavirus pandemic, it was about control. But Krugman has it the other way around; he claims the debate over masking “was never about freedom.” What was it about, then? Krugman and others are expressing their concerns that now that most mask mandates have been lifted, including the ones governing airplane travel and public transportation, it’s the people who choose to continue to wear a mask who will face harassment and even violence.

Is harassment bad? Because we did plenty of posts on people being harassed for not wearing a mask. Here’s one as a refresher:

But that was good harassment, right, because it was all about public health.

We honestly don’t care if anyone wears a mask or not at this point, just don’t force it on us.

If Krugman has forgotten, plenty of self-designated mask police stalked people not wearing masks around stores and posted the videos online.


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