During a recent live recording of his podcast The Verdict, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) explains the importance of the showdown between Tesla billionaire Elon Musk and Twitter.

“I think it is one of the most important moments for free speech in decades. This is a testing moment where Big tech keeps getting more and more brazen, saying we can control everything you say; we can control everything you hear; we can control everything in your feed; we can control everything you listen to…suddenly Elon Musk came in and is threatening to tip over the apple cart.”

“The Washington Post, which is wholly owned by Jeff Bezos, wrote an editorial saying it would be bad for Democracy for a rich Silicon Valley billionaire to own a means of communication.”

Watch the clip above.

Cruz has been very vocal about the Musk-Twitter showdown, torching WaPo for blatant, non-sensical hypocrisy:

“Mouthpiece for Billionaire Bezos explains why allowing Billionaire Musk to buy Twitter would be a threat to democracy: Musk wants to protect free speech. Free speech is dangerous for democracy. Okay, then….”

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