You knew this would happen. A federal judge struck down Biden’s handlers’ mask mandate, and now the true mask believers are sure that we are all doomed, doomed, I tell you. The sky is falling because they’re not wearing masks on airplanes, and civilization as we know it, such as it is, is coming to a rapid end, not that we will see its end because we will all be dead.

Republican operative Jake Schneider tweeted: “Delta just announced on my flight masks are now OPTIONAL!! I’m going to DC, so I was the only one clapping.” And indeed, numerous Leftists were enraged. Oni Blackstock, the founder and executive director of something called HealthJustice, fumed: “The swiftness w/ which these various companies, agencies, etc have dropped m*sk mandates…makes you wonder if they really care about their workers or customers. ‘Face masks are now optional for Uber and Lyft riders and drivers in the United States.’ I will not be getting into a car with a maskless driver, for one.” That’s fine. Don’t. But those who wish to breathe freely now have the option to do so, and it is actually an indication that Uber and Lyft actually do care about their customers that they have lifted the mask requirement. But for Leftists, if you’re not being coerced, you’re not being loved.

The farther-Left-than-Chairman-Mao Occupy Democrats were thrilled that Old Joe Biden was continuing to coerce people in his corner of the airborne world: “BREAKING: Once again demonstrating leadership by example, President Biden decides to continue requiring masks aboard Air Force One in accordance with the CDC after a Trump judge struck down the lifesaving national mask mandate for flying. RT TO THANK BIDEN FOR LEADING BY EXAMPLE!” Even Old Joe won’t appeal the decision to set aside the mask mandate, which is a tacit admission that he and his handlers know it’s nonsense, more superstition and the illusion of protection than anything else, but hey, trust the science, or whatever.

Another fan of coercion was Massachusetts State Representative Lindsay Sabadosa, who calls herself a “Progressive Democrat,” as if just one or the other weren’t bad enough. Sabadosa demonstrated that she has no business being in state government because she has no idea how the American government works. “Today,” she tweeted Monday, a federal judge called it overreach for US health officials to require masks on airplanes & other public transit, and no matter how you feel about masks, you should be really, really concerned that the Courts are effectively taking away power from the federal government.” Well, you see, Ms. Sabadosa, there’s this court ruling from 1803 called Marbury vs. Madison, establishing the principle of judicial review, that is, the power of the courts to strike down laws that they found to be unconstitutional. You might want to look into it and its many ramifications. Meanwhile, author Ron Bassilian commented on Sabadosa’s tweet: “You should be really really concerned about people who are really really concerned that the federal government doesn’t have enough power.” Indeed.

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An ”Equity and Impact Specialist” who goes by “Ify Ike” on Twitter was likewise furious that some people were actually happy about the end of the mask mandate: “Hi @delta. Your flight attendants greeting us ‘would you like champagne? Let’s celebrate no more masks’ is not what I paid for. It’s not only childish but also creates an uncomfortable, and potentially hostile environment for those of us still masked. COVID is also not seasonal.” Ah yes, like the hostile environment that the unmasked and unvaccinated have endured for so many months now, although since they’re not Leftists, those who have hated masks are not like to act with similar hostility to those who continue wearing masks.

Ify Ike was sure that the end of the mandate was a crime against one of the Left’s most sacred principles: “Your political and capitalist practices aside, please recognize that all types of diverse customers ride your planes. This insensitivity is costly and I’m curious to know what your affirmative practices will be for those with conditions that may have be [sic] at higher risk.” The end of the forced masking was a sin against diversity? Are only white people allowed to take off their masks? Is there no end to the Left’s paranoid fantasies?

Apparently not. “Video dude” Zach Kornfeld, who has 463,700 followers on Twitter, couldn’t even find words for his impotent rage: “Been trying to come up with a good nuanced take about people cheering to take masks off on planes and public transport and it’s that they’re all baby bitches.” ER physician Jeremy Faust had a good nuanced take of his own: babies will die: “The odd thing,” he tweeted, “about my being disappointed in @united dropping its mask mandate is how many people who claim to love kids are totally cool with this meaning that a small number of babies will die of Covid, when we’re weeks away from a vaccinate for all ages over 6 months.”

Let’s let CNN’s Jeffrey “Let It All Hang Out” Toobin have the last word: “The decision by the young Trump-appointed federal judge ending the mask mandate in travel shows the federal judiciary has turned into the Senate. Democratic and Republican judges live in different worlds and rule differently.” Well, you’re right about that, Toobin. There are two different worlds in America today. And one of them just lost one power it had to force the submission of the other.

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