Earlier, we told you about the Washington Post’s stealth attempt to pretend that they didn’t want to give readers access to personal information about the woman behind Libs of Tik Tok. It took them a little while, but eventually they got around to removing the link to the woman’s real estate license. They removed it without acknowledging what they’d done, of course, because they’d have to have been sorry about putting it up in the first place.

Let the record show that the Washington Post is not sorry that they put a woman’s life at risk for Taylor Lorenz’s (and Media Matters and the ACLU’s) twisted amusement. How not-sorry are they? They’re not-sorry enough to run their sharing Lorenz’s article as a promoted tweet.

They’re literally paying to promote Lorenz’s hit job. And we do mean hit job; because what WaPo and Lorenz effectively did here is putting a hit out on Libs of Tik Tok.

This is sick and deranged stuff.

Shame on the Washington Post. If there’s any justice, when all is said and done, they’ll not only have paid for their tweet to be promoted, but they’ll have paid for putting Libs of Tik Tok’s life in danger.

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