Since Libs of TikTok is under assault by corporate media and a particularly wretched garbage person named Taylor Lorenz (who had the nerve to cry to the media just a week ago about how awful online harassment is), I think it’s time we all stepped up our game. Libs of TikTok cannot carry the burden of Groomer Patrol alone. Finding groomer teachers and exposing them is a job that all of us can do. It’s incredibly easy because the #LGBTQTeachers and #gayteachers of TikTok are incredibly stupid. They post publicly available videos of themselves saying and doing outrageous and inappropriate things. Lorenz and the Washington Post insinuated that Libs of TikTok is a “hate movement” that seeks to keep the outrage machine going on the right. I refuse to link the doxxing article. Lorenz and the Washington Post can suck eggs.

Re-posting what leftist teachers say online is not a “hate movement” but a perfectly reasonable response to adult teachers publicly posting their attempts at queering kids behind parents’ backs. They are the ones posting these things. If they’re proud of these videos then why do they object to wider viewership? Matt Walsh has the answer.

“Libs of TikTok reposts content from TikTok. This is important work because that’s the site millions of kids use. The Left is mad at her because they don’t want us to know what our kids are being exposed to. We’re not supposed to see that stuff. Only our kids are.”

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All you need to help your fellow parent be aware of what the hell the left is up to is a computer, screen recording capabilities, and a social media account. I spent a couple hours on TikTok today and look what I dug up! It’s not even hard. (For the record, all of these people are self-described teachers. Maybe they’re lying. Maybe not.)

Most of them are completely obsessed with kids “coming out” to them or with their student’s hot parents. It’s weird.

Some of them appear to be working out their own childhood trauma on a captive audience.

These LGBTQWTF teachers don’t seem to have much going for them other than their “queer identity,” which they want everyone to celebrate at all times for no reason at all.

They’re incredibly full of themselves and announce freely that they intend to break the law and the trust of parents.

Some of them, like this guy, are just lame af. I can’t imagine a teacher I had in high school allowing this kind of class disruption.

The posts range from silly to dark. These next two are hard to watch. This teacher wants to build a “lesbian army” with 10-year-olds.

By far the most disturbing, this “teacher,” as he calls himself, recorded himself showing his drag photos to the children in his care. His account is full of scantily clad videos of himself cross-dressing. The children can be heard reacting to the sexually suggestive photographs he is showing them.

America has a groomer problem in our schools. It’s not even debatable. But instead of getting to the bottom of why teachers are being sexually inappropriate with kids, the Washington Post is doing its best to destroy the woman who told you about it. In response, we should all become Libs of TikTok. Get an account and start searching the hashtags they use — like #gayteacher, #lgbtqteacher, and #gaytiktok — and expose them to the world. This isn’t a fight we are going to lose and if Libs of TikTok goes down, a million more of us will take her place.

We are all Libs of TikTok now.

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