Yes, this is 100% real.

Twitter world, meet Joe Kahn, the new executive editor of the New York Times who thought it would be a good idea to introduce himself to readers with this snazzy photo and profile in New York Magazine:

You’ve heard of toxic masculinity? This could be the opposite of that:

And the caption says “relaxing with the paper”:

Because this is totally how normal people “relax” while reading a newspaper?

It actually looks like he fell off his chair:

Maybe it’s a Life Alert commercial? “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”:

And remember the character named Gunther on “Friends”?

Nailed it:

There are other comparisons as well. . .

Such as this iconic image from “South Park”:

Leave to Iowahawk to send us racing for the eye bleach:

It does have a George Costanza vibe, too:

We’ll also point out there’s some substantial criticism of the piece. The WaPo’s Felicia Sonmez noted that no women were quoted in the article:

What say you, New York Times?



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