Former Trump-era Surgeon General Jerome Adams is not happy that a federal judge overturned the travel mask mandate and he’s using “Schoolhouse Rock” to explain why she made the wrong decision.

The health expert who once told us to turn T-shirts into masks, tweeted:

“Remind me – which schoolhouse rock explains to kids how a single unelected judge has the power to endanger their lives in public settings? I’m just a judge- I’m just a judge, and I’m hurting you cuz I’ve got a grudge…”

LOL. Someone needs a civics lesson. The episode he’s referring to is the one that explains why the U.S. has, you know, laws, and not a citizenry ruled by an unelected federal agency:

Yeah, where’s this episode?

It’s also “insulting” and “juvenile” of him to suggest “judge simply acted on a grudge because he or she reached a different conclusion”:

Keep in mind, this is the same Jerome Adams that wants us to believe the science changed since this now-deleted photo of him maskless on a plane at the beginning of the pandemic.

“I’m not worried about #COVID19 – I’m worried about #flu, and the guy reclining all the way back into me before takeoff”:

He later doubled down on his take. .


. . .but we have laws about all these things. Swimming pools, for example:

Yeah, sorry. This isn’t how it works:



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