You may not believe me when I tell you, but Stephen Colbert used to be funny. Even when his schtick was taking the piss out of right-wing media, it was good fun. Then he got a job with a network and, little by little, sold out to woke Democrats. Shilling for luxury cars and needles when Democrats tell you to is the only way to keep a job in late-night. Joe Rogan and Jake Shields think it’s pathetic.

More so Jake Shields. Rogan didn’t call Colbert a sellout aloud. But you don’t have to be celebrating 4/20 to see it’s what Rogan was thinking

“He gets a lot of money. I bet he enjoys being the star of a show. He enjoys being ‘on the in.’ He’s in on the ‘in-crowd.’ […] Have you ever seen the video of him dancing with Chuck Schumer and hi-fiving each other?”

Dammit, Rogan said the word “Schumer” three times.

This was at a concert to celebrate NYC beating the pandemic. Shortly after the pandemic, they started arresting people who entered restaurants without vax cards, and little children are still masked up.

Whether or not Colbert is happy with himself and can look himself in the mirror is open for interpretation. I can understand where some people would think a part of his soul dies every time the DNC hands him the evening monologue. But I think he’s always been this big of a cringetastic, leftist douche. He’s too convincing and not that good of an actor.

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Lab-Leak Theory: BASED Jon Stewart VS COWARDLY Stephen Colbert | Louder With Crowder

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