As we discussed yesterday, Taylor Lorenz’s garbage hit piece doxxing Libs of Tik Tok for the garbage Washington Post relied heavily on assists from the likes of garbage Media Matters and the garbage ACLU.

And so it makes sense that as Taylor Lorenz reverted to throwing the all-too-familiar victim card, Media Matters’ Ari Drennen — who was quoted in the piece — was right there to defend her (dis)honor:

“Remember that the victims in this story are the sickos who want to teach toddlers how to masturbate and want to discuss their sex lives with kids and want students to pick a new gender without any sort of parental involvement whatsoever.”

What’s scary is that what once would’ve been the Upside-Down is now reality. And Ari Drennen wants to keep it that way.

No, Ari. Libs of Tik Tok has deliberately targeted teachers and non-teachers of any sexual or gender identity who have crossed basic lines of decency in order to alert parents to what is being done to their children behind their backs.

“Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law.” Sigh. That’s not what the law is, Ari, and you know it. Who’s lying here? And why should anyone take you seriously when you toss around this tiresome BS?

And how is it “slander” to post unedited video of people that they’ve made available to the public? Libs of Tik Tok didn’t hack these people’s phones to steal their secret videos; she found what they’d already put out there for anyone and everyone to see.

So now Libs of Tik Tok is responsible for crimes against the LGBTQ community? Please. Not only is that insane, but it’s insulting to our intelligence. And it’s insulting to the LGBTQ community, to boot. Ari Drennen wants you to believe that the freaks and creeps featured in the videos posted by Libs of Tik Tok are all members of the LGBTQ community, as if only LGBTQ people would be interested in grooming or sexualizing young children. Perverts come in all shapes, sizes, and orientations. Pretty gross and bigoted of Drennen to suggest that the LGBTQ community has a monopoly on perverts.

Who’s guilty of slander here? Libs of Tik Tok never said that “LGBTQ people are a threat to children,” but Ari Drennen is making that implication by focusing exclusively on footage of LGBTQ people, despite the fact that Libs of Tik Tok has also posted plenty of footage featuring cis-hetero people behaving badly.

And the fact that Ari Drennen is so outraged over bad people being exposed says a whole lot about Ari Drennen’s priorities.

Exactly. And in Ari’s mind, it’s Libs of Tik Tok who’s guilty for exposing these nutjobs. Why is she going to bat so hard for the bad guys?

Maybe Ari Drennen and Media Matters should start asking themselves why Libs of Tik Tok has had so much material to work with. Because that right there is an indication that the Left may actually be pretty darn problematic.


All the Left needs to do is not be crazy and awful. And they just … can’t … do it.

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