You’d think with the way that some authoritarianish lefties are behaving that Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle issued an edict banning masking in public when she struck down the public transportation mask mandate earlier this week.

Seriously, they’re beside themselves. Take a look at Roland Martin, for example. Like, this can’t be healthy, right?

The irony of his “Unfiltered”-branded gear is apparently very, very lost on poor Roland. A lot of things are very, very lost on poor Roland.

Only in his own mind.

Oh, Roland Martin is most definitely a card-carrying member of the Party of Science. He’s even got the requisite hypocrisy.


We’d ask who Roland thinks he’s fooling, but we already know.

Since you don’t care what other people say, we won’t bother reminding you that literally no one has a problem with you wearing a mask if you choose to. Better to just get swept up in the hysteria by anti-science frauds like Roland Martin.

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