A woman says she’s been receiving vicious threats against her and her family after Washington Post writer Taylor Lorenz doxxed the user behind popular Twitter account “Libs of TikTok.”

Chaya Raichik, a Jewish stay-at-home mother with a popular Instagram account, revealed several disturbing messages she’s received online from angry leftists mixing her up with the woman behind “Libs of TikTok.”

Raichik also blasted Lorenz in her Instagram stories for triggering the onslaught of hate, writing. “[Taylor Lorenz] this is ON YOU! You need to clarify that this is not me. People are posting and tweeting my parents’ home address!!!!!! If anything happens to my family it’s on you!”

The woman later revealed that she has an autistic sister who lives with her parents.


One message Raichik received said that she needed her children to be taken away from her and to “rot in hell.” The woman captioned the screenshot, “Please. Please stop.”


Even more disturbing, Raichik posted a screenshot of a social media user publicly posting her parents’ address and a cell phone number.

“This person and many others are posting my parents’ address,” she wrote. “This cell number I haven’t used in 5 years because I live in England. You are putting my parents and my autistic sister in danger you sick f***s.”


Another woman told Raichik that she, too, was being attacked for sharing the same name.

Lorenz has tried to redirect people away from Raichik via social media, for which Raichik thanked her publicly.


The threats Raichik has received over the last 24 hours are a glimpse into why “Libs of TikTok” stayed anonymous, even though she doesn’t do anything other than repost publicly shared TikTok videos from liberals. Still, Lorenz painted the woman behind Libs of TikTok as an extremist who incites hate against the marginalized.

Moreover, Lorenz’ piece reportedly originally included Libs of TikTok’s personal work information, though it was later removed.

“WaPo faced intense backlash for initially including a hyperlink that revealed Libs of TikTok’s employer, professional info as well as an address, which has been referred to as her home address,” Fox News’ Joseph Wulfsohn reported. “The hyperlink was later scrubbed from the report following backlash.”

“I pressed WaPo regarding the incident and its statement. A spokesperson insisted, ‘We linked to publicly available professional information.’ But when asked why the link was later scrubbed, they replied, ‘Ultimately, we deemed it unnecessary,’” Wulfsohn added.

The real Libs of TikTok has had to “hole up” in a safe location since the doxxing.

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