Black leaders are calling on Papa John’s, Coca-Cola, and other “woke corporations” to show support for police officers after they “blindly” supported Black Lives Matter and its affiliates.

Concerned Communities for America (CCA), a group of black leaders, on Wednesday held a press conference in Atlanta to ask Papa John’s CEO Robert Lynch and Coca Cola CEO James Quincey to sign pledges in support of police officers.

“This pledge is in response to Papa Johns’ and Coca Cola’s blind support, vocally and/or financially, of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation and its affiliates,” the group said in a press release.

Concerned Communities for America plans on holding another press conference in New York City on Thursday to ask corporate officials from Comcast/NBC and Peloton to sign the same pledge in support of law enforcement.

In the CCA press release, Pastor Marc Little slammed the corporations for their social justice response.

“What I am exposing is the Four Ds: Defund, Demean, and cause our police to Die, Doing their job protecting and serving all of us,” he said.

He accused the companies of “helping BLM leaders amass a reported treasure trove of hate mongering, blood money totaling 100 million dollars.”

CCA Executive Director DaQuawn Bruce said: “Since the rise of the Civil Rights movement under the unifying leadership of Rev. Martin Luther King, there has been an attempt to exploit his movement’s effort to improve the lives and treatment of Black and Brown Americans.”

Major corporations publicly donated to Black Lives Matter causes and made numerous statements in support of racial justice during the 2020 Summer of protests following the death of George Floyd.

The group said it “believes that Black lives matter. But there lies a difference in supporting Black lives and conversely supporting terror and anarchy on our streets by BLMGNF, which seeks to corrupt the larger Black Lives Matter movement.”

The larger global BLM foundation is facing numerous questions as to where tens of millions of dollars in donations have gone, and Amazon even kicked the organization off of its charity platform earlier this year.

Bruce said NBC, Coke, Peloton and Papa Johns’ “have frequently demeaned active-duty police, and sadly those who have fallen protecting our communities.”

He accused the companies of creating “an atmosphere where police officers fear for their lives while doing their jobs.”

The pledge reads: “As the leader of (Company Name), I now realize our vocal and financial support of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation and its affiliates was short-sighted and did not fully contemplate the ramifications of their words and actions. Those words and actions included the defunding, demeaning, and violence against the women and men who serve our communities as police officers and put their lives on the line across this country every day. Going forward, I pledge that on behalf of myself and the men and women who make up (Company name), we will strive to vocally and financially support our women and men ‘in blue’ as well as the millions of first-responders and military personnel, and their families, that protect us every day from harm.”

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