Earlier, we told you about Jen Psaki getting visibly irritated when Chris Wallace asked her why Joe Biden “has been so sheltered from the press.” President Biden has not been sheltered from the press, she insisted! Not even a little bit.

We pointed at her and laughed for trying to gaslight us with such an obvious, demonstrably false claim. But to Joe Biden’s credit, he did take some questions today.

He just didn’t understand them:

Seems to conflate? No, Kaitlan, he just straight up conflated the two things.


Could’ve happened to anyone … who isn’t all there.

“No more mean tweets” gets less and less impressive every time Joe Biden opens his mouth.

Maybe the White House should just save themselves the time and embarrassment by just having the Easter Bunny take questions from now on.

How scary is it that that’s entirely possible? Good Lord.

We don’t, either. But we fully expect the likes of PolitiFact to put their Top. Men. on trying to find a way to make this look not as bad as it actually is.

Shouldn’t be long now.



Biden announces $800 million additional aide for Ukraine, can’t take many questions because he’s ‘got a plane to catch’

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