Jesse Kelly wrote what we think is a fairly important (and kick-a*s) thread about what it will take not only to win in 22 but to keep winning.

And to make that win matter.

The ‘Old Right’ has always been more comfortable complaining than governing. Sorry, it’s the truth. Look at the Bill Kristols of the movement. They don’t want to get their hands dirty by getting into the fight, and what’s worse is they seem to look down on those of us who are willing to throw some proverbial punches.

We’ll let Jesse explain it further:

This. ^

We think and we hope they are too.

And we really like point two, ‘a slowly emerging aggressive mentality from the New Right.’

The fighters.

The Old Right, who would rather sit back and b*tch than be expected to govern and get anything done.

Think Paul Rand versus Mitch McConnell.

This hurts.

But he’s right.


Always told to be the adult in the room.


Admit it, you can literally hear Bill Kristol say, ‘That’s not who we are!’

What Jesse said.

But don’t tell him we gave him any credit.



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